Records Collection & Analysis
Opposing Counsel

Fast, Efficient and Focused

At The Marker Group, our highly-trained and experienced staff obtains specific records authorized by the client. We maintain in our database a list of all locations we have researched in the past. This greatly increases the speed and efficiency of our research and retrieval process. Our team can organize records to meet specific client needs, tab hospital charts, and number each page of the record so that patient and location can be easily identified. Services provided by our record retrieval team via subpoena or authorization include:
  • Notice of Intention (Texas) and subpoena preparation (nationwide)
  • Subpoena service
  • Authorizations for release of information in more than 30 formats for signature
  • Secure handling and storage of all pathology material
  • X-ray duplication
  • Video and audio tape duplication
  • Blueprint copying
  • Color photo reproduction
  • Records imaging
  • Express rush service


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