Records Collection & Analysis
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Medical Professionals with Diverse Backgrounds

The Marker Group’s medical review team provides comprehensive management of medical issues in many types of litigation including toxic tort, product liability, personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Our team consists of a network of nurses from multi-faceted clinical backgrounds and litigation experiences. We review medical records and medical literature, as well as discovery responses and documents.

Our work product is presented in formats that are easy to understand and retrieve, including narrative summaries, chronologies and databases. Our registered nurses use voice-activated software or trained medical transcriptionists, thus assuring an accurate work product.

Using The Marker Group medical review team to manage comprehensive medical issues is not only cost-effective, but allows attorneys and their staffs to concentrate on the legal issues of the case. We handle all types of litigation from individual cases with focused issues and a small number of records to multi-claimant cases with thousands of records.


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