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October 9, 2017: ISO 27001:2013 Certification

On October 9, 2017, the Marker Group received a Certification of Conformance to ISO 27001:2013 for its Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISO 27001:2013 is the international standard for information asset protection, which "specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system within the context of the organization." Certification is obtained through an extensive audit of documentation, procedures, and systems by an independent certifying firm.

The Marker Group ISMS covers the entire company's processes for protecting client information. It creates a systematic approach to managing sensitive information, covering people, processes, and IT systems, enabling us to implement, maintain, and continually improve our security using repeatable processes based on regular risk assessments.

September 2017: Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, TX we experienced a storm like none had ever seen! For days the entire city was deluged with flooding rains � some areas over 50 inches! Millions of Houstonians were affected with flooded homes and/or cars. The Marker Group had approximately 15 employees who were in dire need of assistance. Many of them had several feet of water in their homes and lost their cars. Several of them lost everything they owned. We had families with children who were rescued from their rooftops by boats. Most importantly everybody made it through safely! As a company we knew we had to do something to help our co-workers.

The employees of The Marker Group immediately started fundraisers as well as donated their time. Markers sold custom-made �Markers Cares/Houston Strong� T-shirts with all proceeds going to help our affected employees. Markers also purchased �Houston Strong� RTIC cups for all employees in which all proceeds went to the highly publicized JJ Watt Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Overall The Marker Group, Marlene Marker and its employees donated over $18,000 which was distributed among our employees and those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We also had a group of employees and their families who assisted several affected coworkers in their homes with tearing out sheetrock and trying to salvage what they could of their belongings.

The Marker Group really came together to help one another in a very desperate time.

Markers Cares!

Markers Cares about the environment
At the Marker Group we take our environment very seriously! We are always thinking of ways to make our company more �environmentally-friendly�.
  • Over the years we have worked hard to become a paperless company by encouraging our customers, employees and vendors to transfer records digitally. We have reduced our paper usage year over year by 50 percent from 2015 to 2017! The paper we use or receive is shredded and then recycled. Over the last 3 years we have recycled enough paper to save 2,556 trees and over a million gallons of water. Source:
  • In order to minimize consumption Markers promotes the use of water filtration systems in our office for our employees instead of buying bottled water. The average person uses 129 plastic water bottles per year. This would save approximately 12,900 from going in landfills. Source:
  • To reduce landfill waste we supply our employees with several insulated tumblers instead of using disposable cups. The average US office worker uses 500 cups per year. This would save approximately 50,000 Styrofoam cups! Source:

YearTons of recycled paperNo. of Trees SavedGals of Water Saved

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